A question that I often get asked is:

“I have a IT support company and they are doing fine, so why do I need a virtual CIO?”

The answer to this question comes in two parts.

Firstly, IT support companies or managed service providers (MSP’s) as they are sometime known as. Are essentially based on a ‘keeping the lights on’ model. Their primary interest is to stop you calling them. Stable systems plus happy customers equals profitable MSP and a quiet phone. Their focus on the ‘lights on’ model means that they are not focused on what is really import to you, improving your bottom line.

“You need more than just keeping the lights on”

Of course, it is vital to ‘keep the light on’ however an MSP’s scope of service is narrow. In today’s digitally diverse and fast-moving environment. The MSP service is just not setup to target your business with new digital technologies and solutions.

Which leads me to the second part of the answer.

Unfortunately, MSP don’t have the knowledge or the breadth of experience to deliver a consulting service which will bring you really business benefits. Business technology is so much bigger than just IT these days. There is a whole agile world of software as a service, sales and marketing automation, data and business intelligence, digital and app development.

“Business technology is so much bigger than just IT”

More importantly today it’s not just about what technology you are implementing but about how you can optimise that technology for real business returns.
For example; If you want to get systems to talk together to maximise process improvement. An MSP would struggle to even identify the business need, let alone being able to do the work.
As a business, you need to able not just to exist with technology but to innovate and be creative with it.
To take your business technology to the next level you need a virtual or fractional Chief Information Office (vCIO). At Fairway Consulting, we provide a transformative virtual CIO service that allows SMB’s access to the advantages that big business has. Our service will not only create company value but also growth.
Interested in how we can build your success?

Author: David Thomas. With a broad range of experience – 20+ years, across many industries and sizes of environments. I am focused on helping clients maximize business potential whilst reducing operational costs.


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