Research shows that a Chief Information Officer (CIO) playing an active role in business strategy can transform IT and the business. However, a full-time IT Director or CIO is often beyond the means of all but the largest organisations.

At Fairway our solution to this is our Virtual CIO or fractional CIO. You receive the same benefits as a full-time IT professional but in a more cost-effective way. We can be available as little or as much as you like: for a couple of days a year to a couple of days a week. We can even fill the gap when an IT Director leaves, so there are no negatives effects on business.

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The Advantages of a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO)

  • Full-time IT experience – Fairway has over 25 years’ experience
  • An expert board-level resource that can manage, commission and innovate your IT
  • Flexible cost-savings – use us as little or as much as you like
  • None of the legalities of hiring a full-time employee
  • Confidence that your IT is evolving along with your business
  • A member of your team whose recommendations are 100% impartial
  • Can attend any business meetings you require – just like a full-time employee
  • Peace-of-mind that you have our full confidentiality and business interests at heart

Read more on our specific VCIO approach here. Interested how your organisation could benefit?

We had been struggling with managing multiple vendors with no in-house IT experience. We also wanted to implement an integrated patient management system across all our services. Fairway Consulting helped us to transform our IT over 3 years. They provided strategic and IT management services to us. Fairway Manging the Implementing our core line of business from procurement all the way through to implementation across all our local authority contracts.
Fairway oversaw many changes and challenges within our business, transforming IT infrastructure, agile working practices, vendor management and IT strategy.

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