Fairway Consulting vCIOHow are the roles of the CIO and technology departments in modern business changing? How can traditional small- to medium-sized business (SMB’s) leverage the advantage of a Virtual CIO achieve the same value?

At the corporate level, the past couple of years has seen an accelerated change in the technology business relationship. CIO’s are now appearing at the top table and bringing an alignment of business and technology with them. Some CIO’s are starting to wake up to the need to embrace and own digital within their organisations. They realise that digital isn’t separate from their role but a part of it, serving the ‘outside-in’ communication stream enabling of customers, clients and markets.

However, traditional small- to medium-sized business (SMB’s) still need to realise that they have to embrace this transformation. Just as they have a sales or a marketing director at the top table, they need to have a CIO driving technology to add business value.  With the advent of digital, IT is no longer just about cutting costs.

If the SMB segment is not careful, they risk being left even further behind, as tech-mature organisations are already looking to the next milepost on the journey of transformation. The CIO role is now a true senior business role, bringing knowledge and experience from across the organisation and being an agent of business growth. A good CIO also looks beyond their own company and industry to see how other industries are transforming and using technology to succeed.

At Fairway Consulting, we provide a transformative Virtual CIO service that allows SMB’s access to the advantages that big business has. Our service will not only create company value but also growth.

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Author: David Thomas. With a broad range of experience – 20+ years, across many industries and sizes of environments. I am focused on helping clients maximise business potential whilst reducing operational costs.

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