Digital Transformation Assessment – Onsite Training

How we helped Onsite Training transform their digital assets to improve their bottom line


Onsite Training is a company specialising in vocational training and assessment for land-based industries.
Onsite were looking to review their digital assets, to improve their bottom line and increase market valuation.
Fairway was able to offer our digital transformation assessment which is a two-stage process. Firstly, it helps companies realise their objectives, how they measure them and the challenges they face. Then we produce a report that outlining how digital technology will help you achieve these objectives and overcome these challenges.  Fairway will then help companies implement this report as their digital transformation.


The following findings came from workshops and interviews of the on-site digital transformation assessment:

  • Prioritised list of recommendations was produced to identify what needed to be done and when.
  • Measurements introduced to judge the success of transformation actions.
  • Transformation plan was drawn up with Onsite to action recommendations in iterative approach
  • Quick low-cost wins were identified to be actioned in a first iteration
  • Improvements implemented with training for all employees


After the recommendation were accepted and prioritised by Onsite. Fairway Consulting worked with them to implement the recommendations in a staged and iterative plan. The assessment highlighted the following areas for transformation:
1. CRM and sales tracking
2. Training and assessor scheduling
3. Files and office technology
4. Website lead development
5. Online courses and booking
6. Expansion of learning management system
7. Certificate scanning and retention

Transformation – First Iteration

Improving CRM recording and reporting to:

  • Generate repeat business from existing customers
  • Improve data set on new leads

Website optimisation and development to:

  • Increase lead creation
  • Improve customer service

Implement cloud file storage to:

  • Improve business processes
  • Keep overheads low

During the assessment, we indemnified an operation process that was redundant. This was suspended immediately resulting in a reduction of operational overheads. Onsite and Fairway will be reviewing key metrics to evaluate the performance of each iteration in three monthly cycles. Once the first iteration is complete the decision will be made to progress to the next iteration of online booking, courses and learning management system for students.


“Fairway’s digital transformation assessment really helped us quantify our business objectives and challenges and how digital technology could assist us in tackling those. What impressed me was that the assessment first focussed on improving what we already. Any new technology recommended was clearly linked to a business objective.” – Onsite Training