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We were struggling with managing multiple vendors with no in-house IT experience. Fairway helped us to transform our IT over 3 years. Providing strategic and IT management services. They oversaw many changes and challenges within our business, transforming IT, agile working practices, vendor management and strategy.

Thrive Tribe

We had been striving to implement a patient/client management system. Fairway Consulting helped us successful implement a new system and provided management reporting services to us which assisted in improving performance.

Livewell Suffolk

Our project systems were failing when we contacted Fairway Consulting, they helped us implement a project management system which helped to get costs down and improve software delivery. They also assisted in restructuring our IT and project management team and creating a digital strategy for us.

Elmhurst Energy



Fairway Consulting-vCIO Case Study

vCIO Case Study

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Case Study

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