A problem I see time and time again within small to medium-sized companies is that they aren’t creating winning scenarios from technology. Many of the Owners and directors whom I speak to feel that technology isn’t achieving the advantages they want. I set up Fairway Consulting because I am passionate about helping companies achieve that competitive advantage from technology, whether it’s digital, data or systems. Contact us here to find out how your company can benefit.


Key Elements

 1. No plan, no value

2. Engage Snr Exec’s

3. Manage tech at the top

4. Make your approach holistic

No plan, no value

It’s not that companies aren’t investing in the right solutions; it’s just that there’s often no initial strategy, so they don’t deliver value. The problem starts because many companies aren’t evolving their technology management for today’s business environment. Too frequently, it is left with a manager from another discipline or with the ‘IT guy’. In the past, the economics of the small or even medium-sized business just didn’t add up to start employing a c-level technology executive like a CIO. In today’s technology-focused business world, this approach is simply not good enough.

The revolution will be Digital

Business innovators and disrupters are regularly in the news because they use technology to increase profits. You may argue that none of this is relevant, and it won’t affect your industry. Nevertheless, it will – or is already, and you just haven’t seen it yet. The current wave of digitisation and technological innovation has been compared the fourth industrial revolution. And just like the previous revolutions, all industries will be affected.

Under-value at your peril

The solution for your company is to realise that you need to bring technology to the top table. This is bigger than your finance director can comprehend or has the time to understand. It touches all departments within your business: from marketing and sales to finance and customer services. This is certainly not a job for your IT guy! Successful technology projects start from the board room with the engagement of senior executives.

The solution

Companies need to have a holistic plan that encompasses all functions. Your business objectives and challenges should be expressed and translated into your technology requirements. These should then be managed at the top level to achieve success and, more importantly, competitive advantage.

Fairway Consulting helps companies achieve that all important competitive advantage from technology, whether it’s digital, data or systems. We gather your business objective and challenges, map them to technology and manage their implementation. Our vCIO service helps companies manage technology at the top level to create winning scenarios.

We provide Digital Transformation, vCIO and IT consultancy. We are passionate about helping our clients improve their bottom line using technology.

Interested in how your company could benefit?


Author: David Thomas. With a broad range of experience – 20+ years, across many industries and sizes of environments. I am focused on helping clients maximize business potential whilst reducing operational costs.


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