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Digital Transformation Kick Starter


Digital Transformation, you may have heard of it, you may not. If you have, you have probably asked yourself, is it right for my company? What is it? Will it add value? Is it going to cost us a lot of money? how can I start our Digital Transformation?

A Digital Transformation Kick Starter web consultation with David Thomas is a low-cost, low-risk starting point on your organisation’s transformation.

Digital transformation has the power to enable your business, whatever your size, to be more competitive and profitable. Take the next step and find out how you can start your company’s journey to becoming more successful.

In our 60-minute Skype or phone consultation, we will:

1. Explain what Digital Transformation means for your company, in clear concise jargon-free language.

2. Identify how technology can add value and increase your competitive edge

For £79 + VAT, you will receive:

1. One to One, 60-minute web consultation

2. Business objectives map. Mapping your business objectives to digital and IT technologies, existing and future – after the session.

3. Recording of the consultation

4. Actionable list to get you started on your digital transformation

To book the consultation, simply complete the form and we will be in contact. The price for the 60 minutes consultation is £79 + VAT, the payment process is via PayPal, major credit cards accepted. Use our contact form if you have any questions. Once you complete the booking you will be directed to a link to schedule the consultation.

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