Increasing sales, retaining customers, and improving productivity is the key to driving a successful business. The increasing capability of many CRM (customer relationship manager) systems has meant that this is now possible, not just in big business, but within the small to medium sized business sector, too. Optimising sales and marketing with technology is a good choice for any company starting on their digital transformation journey. Fairway can ensure that you get the value you need from you CRM, contact us here

5 Benefits of implementing a CRM system for sales and Marketing

1. Identify the best leads
2. Improve communication, reduce duplication
3. Improve ROI
4. Build agile successful teams
5. Upsell and increase deal sizes

Identify the best leads

Both marketing and sales have access to all the lead’s contact information. Through tagging and lead scoring, based on activity, manual processes can be automated. Meaning that fewer opportunities are lost which can, in turn, lead to an increased conversion rate. By utilising a CRM’s automation capability such as lead nurturing, it ensures your sales teams are not frustrated by receiving poorly qualified leads.

Improved communication, reduce duplication

A single, unified customer data record gained from initial contact makes for a powerful tool. Detailed information can be automatically recorded about the sort of interaction customers have with your company such as website visits, emails opened, completed web forms and emails received. With both marketing and sales seeing the same picture of each visitor, prospect, marketing or qualified sales lead, there is less chance of duplicating your efforts. With companies often spending 30-40% of their revenue on sales and marketing, this is a great opportunity to reduce costs.

Improve marketing and sales ROI

CRM software can help the business better track what marketing or sales outreach tactics are most effective. Pinpointing which channels are producing the best results. Integration with your website will further extend this information. Giving you the data to properly assess your return on investment from sales and marketing expenditure.

Build agile successful teams

With sales and marketing collaborating to define the lead generation, sales nurturing and scoring strategies, this creates bridges between strictly differentiated departments improving organisational success. Instead of working for different goals, the teams can begin to work together to generate ideas, reduce bottlenecks and inform the business’s understanding of its customer base.

Upsell and increase deal sizes

A CRM can help give sales teams more data that can be useful in evaluating, pitching, and supporting sales leads. As a lead first enters the CRM, there may be little useful information about them. However, with the use of marketing automation, leads may progressively provide more information about themselves and their interests over time. This data can be used throughout the sales process.
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Author: David Thomas. With a broad range of experience – 20+ years, across many industries and sizes of environments. I am focused on helping clients maximize business potential whilst reducing operational costs.


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