Fairway-Why-You-need-a-VCIOIn this day and age companies have adapted to the changing ways of the business culture, from a casual dress code to working from home. The same to be said for job roles and responsibilities expectations are higher, working hours are longer, a role that used to be split between 3 departments is now one person’s responsibility. A lot of the changes have been implemented with the assistance of IT.
The role of leadership, in particular ….
A CIO’s, has changed dramatically with IT and digital strategy now at the forefront in all businesses. A CIO now needs to ensure that the strategy and culture exists in the business, which links technology to profitability, innovation and growth.
The question is: in your organisation, once the strategy is designed do you need a full-time senior executive to oversee its implementation? Or, Is a vCIO / fractional CIO the answer to your problem?

1. It’s Simply…you just may not need a full time CIO

A small to medium sized company these days may not even have a full IT staff member. So employing a full time director is just not necessary. It is also important to keep in mind, if your CIO is sharing his time across different industries, you get the residual benefit of his collective knowledge and insight into how other companies are using technology.

2. Full-Time CIO salaries tend to be the high end of the corporate pay scale

CIO’s are expensive from salary, to benefits, to company perks. A virtual CIO gives you the value of a high price CIO at a much lower cost. Why pay the high cost of a C-level salary and benefits if you can obtain the same business value through employing a vCIO at 25% of the full time annual salary? You can achieve significant savings by retaining a part time vCIO. You can obtain the same calibre experience and the knowledge benefits of a CIO while only paying a fraction of the price through securing just the amount of time you actually need and no more.

3.Technology Outsourcing and Cloud Based Services reduce the need for the in-house CIO

Businesses today survive on outsourcing from IT equipment to data storage. So a significant portion of your technology tasks are already covered, so you simply need someone to oversee those vendors… Outsourcing companies have their own managers to handle managed service operations. So managing the relationship or the technical aspects of the service becomes a long term issue and a management challenge which can not only be carried out by your vCIO but with the knowledge and experience they have from dealing with multiple vendors is a massive advantage.
In this case, having a fractional CIO, allows you to periodically evaluate and make corrections to your enterprise strategy. Many companies can easily accomplish this with a vCIO and considerable cost savings.

4.Why no business can afford to be without a well-qualified CIO

Why have a CIO at all? Can’t a company just get another manager or director to take care of the CIO function? Or perhaps you have someone on your staff that is already handling your IT and system administration. Why not let them do it and save the expense?

Because although it is not necessarily a full time job. It is one of the most important roles and neglecting the CIO role by putting someone there who is under-qualified, can have massive consequences on your business. It is even more important now than ever to make that all important link between the business and IT. If you want your company to innovate or utilise IT profitably you need a vCIO.

Fairway Can Help

Fairway can help your business achieve the benefits of a full-time IT professional but in a cost-effective way.
We can be available as little or as much as you like: for a couple of days a year to a couple of days a week. We can even fill the gap when an IT Director leaves, so there are no negatives effects on business.

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