Bringing Radical Performance to Your Company

Project Management

Creating value and control for your projects, coaching and QA


Software Development

Developing bespoke web and cloud solutions to help you grow

Virtual CIO

The strategic technology management input you need to achieve a competitive advantage

Digital Transformation

Improving your bottom line with Digital technology

GDPR and Security

Ensuring your organisation is compliant and secure

Performance Improvement

Using analysis, data and analytics to improve your business

Fairway provides Digital, Web and IT management consultancy. We have been managing and delivering professional services for over 20 years helping our clients create better businesses. Fairway provides a range of services to make your company competitive and productive. We offer business-driven, value-focused, personalised web, digital marketing and IT consulting for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Why Fairway?

Feel lost in a technological maze? Frustrated by unimaginative, overdue IT projects? Want better business intelligence to inform your decisions?

If you’re troubled by any of this, Fairway can help. We are an IT consultancy with over 20 years’ industry and experience that can transform your organisation.

Whether its digital, data or IT that you want to change, we analyse, strategize, deliver and transform to reduce costs, improve efficiency and drive business growth. And once we’ve done that, we help you remain efficient and innovative with our Virtual CIO service.

Whats a Virtual or fractional CIO?Why would I want a Virtual CIO?

We believe that technology should be at one with any business. Through our Virtual CIO service, we can help you achieve this. Research shows that once CIOs play an active role in business strategy, IT performance improves on a wide range of functional and business tasks.

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